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Tweaks and Layouts: Diane White

Jazz singer Diane White is based in Ottawa, but travels internationally to bring her smooth, cool voice to clubs exotic and distant. She’s just as fascinating as you’d expect and a delight to hear perform. She’d already set up a site with an advanced theme, but was having trouble getting it to look just the […]


Full Website: Ottawa Corporate Yoga

Glenda Rodriguez wants you to unplug, renew, and recharge. She brings her calming influence right to your workplace in the form of yoga and mindfulness classes, allowing employees to return to their desks with fresh energy and a stress-free outlook. Her new business, Ottawa Corporate Yoga, needed a website and we were looking for a […]


Full Website: Nadine Thornhill

Nadine’s been known as a sex expert and blogger for quite some time now, and her calm, lighthearted, and sensible approach to sex ed sets all minds at ease. Now she’s gone into business for herself as a counsellor, guest speaker, and educational consultant. If you’ve got questions, she’s got all the reassuring help you […]