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Mary Ann Varley website by Sweet Smart Design

Full Website: Mary Ann Varley

Mary Ann Varley is an Ottawa area mixed media artist (and also my sister’s mother-in-law!). I love her work, especially her most recent series which features snapshots of street scenes in New York City embedded into impressionistic paintings. Definitely worth checking out. She needed a brand new website, having never had a web presence before, […]

Embedded Access Website by Sweet Smart Design

Full Website: Embedded Access

Embedded Access is a Kanata-based company that sells a suite of products for embedded systems, as well as providing training, design, and support services for low-level software. They needed a new website and were looking to move to WordPress for flexibility and ease of use. I created a whole new site for them, including all […]

Tudor Robins Website by Sweet Smart Design

Full Website: Tudor Robins

Tudor is an Ottawa-area author who has just published her first YA novel, Objects in Mirror. She had an existing WordPress blog, but needed to completely overhaul her site to feature the new book front and centre, as well as include plenty of supporting information about the novel and her writing life. I designed her […]